Postage stamp day~!

I bought lots of stamps from the net.
from the old classical stamps to new ones,I am very lucky!!
I cannot wait to use them!!

Incoming mail

I received 3mails
by the way I can't write letters these days because of the exam but I will start writing again soon~^^


incoming mail & outgoing mail~

outgoing mail ^^--------------------------------

incoming mail----------------------------------♬

I received lovely present from Jessica, Singapore >_<
Thank you very much!!!!


incoming mail

I received 2 letters today! :-)

Jane from Australia
She sent me photos of her family!
They look so sweet♡♥
and thank you for a scheduler of 2012!!! >_<

And Caroline from Chile!
Look at the beautiful postcard of Chile!!!
I love it so~much! and she enclosed a birthday card

outgoing mail

I wrote 4 letters today~ :-)
and I'm going to 4 more letters through the night!


incoming mail

I got 3 letters yesterday!!! :-)
hehe.... I need to write back now~>_<


My shopping lists

Wrapping paper :-)
several stationery set
I just bought a small sets for enclosing in my envelope!
Now it's time to write letters!!!
I made 4 FBs with cat images :-)


I received 6 mails today

What a lucky day today! :-)

I got 6 mails today!
and there is a birthday card from my Danish pal >_<
Thank you very much!!!! 

These are beautiful stamps from my pals! >_<

I have to go shopping to buy sationery for them!!!


from and to...

mail from Milena, England  ^^ 
I love her stamp so much!!!

She enclosed a teabag
and I enjoyed it as a milk tea >_<
Thank you very much!!!!


this is my reponse...
I enclosed 2 chrysanthemum teabags for her!
Hope she likes them!!!


outgoing mail

Hsin-I, Taiwan
hehe...she is majoring French, so I made a letterpad with a French style~:-)
and enclosed a sticker sheet >_< Hope she like it!

and this is letter for Esmeralda from Holland
I enclosed a postcard for her
and made a letterpad with korean language >_<