incoming mail

A letter from Rachel , UK
I love your stationery with used stamp! >_<


stamp of Jan.







incoming mail

I got 3 letters today :-) LUCKY-★

Gaelle from France

Jenny from Switzerland

Valerie from France

Thank you for your letter +_+ I''ll write back right away~!

letter set - paper dolls

I made a new letter set with a Korean character 'paper doll'
I love them but it's very hard to find their goods, so I made it!

New stamps today~

"love to write" girls. I simply draw and sculpt them

outgoing mails

3 letters to Japan
Akemi . Maika. Tomoyo


Today's work

I made a rubber stamp again.
and I think I need INK PAD in good colors

also I made address labes with photoshop >_<
I can't wait to use them!

Here are some templetes for you~!



making masking tape

Making masking tape with printing :-)
They are not so neat but it's quite usuful :-)


The second letter set

Korean New Year's Holidays start today,
So I made a letter set with some tradtional stuff

Outgoing mail

I wrote 2 letters today with those stationery set
that I made by photoshop >_<

Incoming mail

Letter from Jane, Australia

Letter from Tanja, Germany

I'll write you soon :-)


Flower letter set

I made a letter set today
I printed them with glossy papers
and those look like :

Sending out

It will take some more time to reach.
8 letters to Japan, Taiwan, USA, Turkey, England,
Finland, Lavita and Spain :-)


rubber stamp

I made a stamp by my eraser :-)
The letter that scuptured is my first name 박(Park)


My character 'ddorai'

I love to draw myself ;-)
Her name is ddorai, my nickname~♬

She appears my labels +__+